Wonder Woman TV Series Museum Masterline

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« Wonder Woman! All the world is waiting for you! And the power you possess! »

Prime 1 Studio and Blitzway are excited to present an iconic long-awaited piece of superhero TV history: The Museum Masterline 1:3 scale Wonder Woman—portrayed by Lynda Carter—seen in the Wonder Woman 1975 TV series!

Prime 1 and Blitzway managed to strengthen the realism of this Museum Masterline statue by including every stitch, wrinkle, piping, and pleat of her signature costume. They used every tried and true methods to render her skin as lifelike as possible in a polystone statue. They took particular attention to replicate all the correct finishes of her eagle symbol, her bustier, her shorts, and boots to make the costume as close to authentic as possible. Finally, they round this statue out with her golden tiara, bracelets, and magic Lasso of Truth.This gorgeous Wonder Woman posed on her WW symbol base measuring 27 inches tall, with a detachable WW backdrop that can be removed or attached depending on your tastes. Her base picks up all of the colors on her costume and only serves to emphasize the importance of this piece!

In the Bonus Version, Wonder Woman comes with a removable fabric cape! This was her heroic statement piece when she wanted to make an impression… not that she wouldn’t, anyway! Whether you choose to display Wonder Woman with her star-spangled cape, or without it, there is no wrong choice.

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