US Navy Aircraft Carrier No. 4 Catapult Deck & Catwalk

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  • Specifications: Base assembly kit for diorama.
  • Scale: 1/72.
  • (Completed Size) 16.2 x 8.3 x 3.2 inches (412 x 210 x 80 mm).
  • Type: Assembly kit of laser processing parts and 3D printed parts.

From 1975 to present, there have been 10 proud US nuclear-powered Nimitz class aircraft carriers accommodated, and they have hosted a variety of 10 types of carrier‐based aircraft.In making diorama of the US Navy and Marine Corps aircraft aboard a ship, a Nimitz class carrier flight deck can be used as a backdrop for a variety of situations.
This item is 1/72 scale model of the Deck & Catwalk disposed at the central portion of left deck, and includes the Jet Blast Deflector around No. 4 Catapult.

This is a multi-material model comprising a deck is fashioned from a laser engraved cast acrylic sheet, a 3D printed parts including the articulated arm of the jet blast deflector and the life rafts lined up ship’s side, and high-density cardboard parts precision cut with a laser.
This model requires painting and you can use the same acrylic paint as used for plastic models can be used, and the acrylic flight deck can be given blackened wear-and-tear finishing touches with enamel-based paint.
The sample photo is of a painted and finished product representing an example of a diorama.Please note that although there are planes and figures also shown in the photographs, they are not included.

*The 3D printed parts are output by a 3D printer that adds one laminate layer resin layer on top of another to create laminated 3D printed forms, so there will be traces of the layer lamination on the surface.
*The laser processed parts have soot produced by the laser processing adhered to them.Please clean and assemble the pieces being careful not to deform them.
*Items such as adhesives and tools are required for assembly (purchase separately).Please note that this is not a completed product.

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