The Lord of the Rings
Legolas and Gimli at Amon Hen

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  • Features Legolas Greenleaf and Gimli, son of Gloin, on one base!
  • Sculpted by Jane Wenley!
  • Complements the existing Amon Hen battle statues of Boromir, Lurtz and Aragorn!
  • Measuring a towering 18-inches tall x 12 1/2-inches deep x 10 1/2-inches long!

While altruism and duty informed his choice, Gimli the Dwarf was compelled to join the Fellowship of the Ring to answer the presence of Legolas the Elf as much as any other reason! Complementing the previously released Amon Hen statues (sold separately), comes the Legolas and Gimli at Amon Hen 1:6 Scale Statue! Legolas and Gimli stand on a beautifully sculpted environmental base created by WETA sculptor Jane Wenley. Standing approximately 18-inches tall, this hand-painted statue is made of polystone and comes packaged in a closed box. Edition size will be determined at a later date.

Representing the Dwarves of the line of Durin at the Council of Elrond, Gimli would not see the One-Ring of Power travel in the care of an Elf whose people he deemed responsible for the mistreatment of his own kind. Enmity had discolored the history of relations between Elves and Dwarves in ages past, and while they had also been allies at times their two kindreds were always rivals.

Thus began the unlikely companionship of Gimli, son of Gloin, and Legolas, Prince of the Woodland Realm. Through trials and hardship on the long road toward Mordor mistrust gradually softened to a begrudging respect for one another. By the time the Fellowship faced its final test at Amon Hen, the seeds of what would grow into a lasting and famous friendship had begun to sprout.

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Legolas and Gimli at Amon Hen”

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