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A collector’s figure of Aya Brea, from the Legendary video game « PARASITE EVE パラサイト・イヴ,
released in Japan in 1998.

Get this super cool and special figure of Aya Brea, the strong-willed American police officer who
becomes involved in apocalyptic scenarios due to the incidents caused by Eve.

In this version she is wearing her classic black dress, in all his low poly glory.
Rich in details, hand-painted following the original patterns and ready to shine bright in your collection!

This artwork is a very special one, if you have the same feeling as me for it, you won’t have any doubt!

Like the rest of this collection, this is a very exclusive figure, handmade with so much care.
If you are a Parasite Eve lover, this is a MUST <3

*This Figure comes with an optional base


The weapon in this model is not Removable.
This product come safely in box.

Aya (Big size): 18 cm tall

85 gr

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