Neon Genesis Evangelion
EVA Unit-13 Deluxe Ultimate Diorama Masterline Statue

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Touched by the genius mind of Josh Nizzi, comes the Neon Genesis Evangelion EVA Unit-13 Ultimate Diorama Masterline Statue!

EVA-13 first appears in Hideaki Anno’s Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo and while it is similar in appearance to EVA-01, EVA-13 is unique among EVAs, with its double Entry Plug System, which allows Shinji Ikari and Kaworu Nagisa to pilot in tandem. EVA-13 stands triumphant, over the destroyed remains of EVA-06, at a staggering 31-inches tall! The world might as well be a blank canvas to Josh Nizzi as he paints layer upon layer of realism and complexity into all his concepts. EVA-13 boasts an intricate redesign that features a reimagined portrait, body panels, and armor-plating. EVA-13, in its Awakened Form, sports double-split eyes that the talented engineers at Prime 1 Studio have equipped with LED Illumination. Its deep purple metallic armor, exposed chest cavity, and ceratopsid helmet are stunning, and Prime 1 have pushed the boundaries of paint applications with fluorescent paint accents, dark washes, and realistic weathering, rendering EVA-13 with a depth and dimensionality. Both the Spear of Longinus and the Spear of Cassius have been cast in translucent resin to give them an otherworldly feel. And finally, EVA-13 stands proudly over the recently obliterated remains of an autonomous EVA-06, drowning in liquified Core material.

The Deluxe Version offers flexibility in storytelling by including two different LED-Illuminated Headpieces! One headpiece features double-split yellow eyes, and the other features the red-berserk mode, where the mouth is open even wider in anger. Furthermore, Prime 1 have included an additional lower left hand that is also clutching another Spear of Longinus!

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EVA Unit-13 Deluxe Ultimate Diorama Masterline Statue”

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