Halo 5 Guardians
Covenant Banshee Ship

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  • From the classic video game series
  • Replica measures 5.5″ long
  • Display base included
  • Recreates twin plasma cannons
  • Highly detailed sculpt

Heavily armed, agile, and produced in immense numbers, the Banshee is the most ubiquitous aircraft in known space. Classified by the UNSC as the Type-54 Ground Support Aircraft (T-54 GSA), the latest production model is used by innumerable Sangheili factions, warlords, and mercenaries on dozens of worlds. The T-54 Banshee is armed with twin-linked rapid-fire plasma cannons and a devastating fuel rod cannon for use against armored vehicles and fortifications.


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Dark Horse Comics


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Covenant Banshee Ship”

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