Go Sega – 60th Anniversary Album

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Under the supervision of Sega’s leading sound creator Hiro, we will present a culmination album that concludes the 60th anniversary project « Go Sega ».

Impressive experience presented by 108 tracks of 4 CDs!

The songs included are carefully selected from the titles of about 40 years from the arcade version « Head On » in 1979 to the Sega 60th anniversary commemorative products « Game Gear Micro » and « Astro City Mini » in 2020.

The new titles that will be released on CD for the first time on this album are the company song « Young Power / 135 », the arcade version « Super Locomotive » and « Teddy Boy Blues », which were unveiled at SST BAND Live at that time but made into a CD. A total of 26 including « Soreyuki! Kokorojin -1993- / Takeshi Mitsuyoshi », horse racing medal game « StarHorse », kids card game « Beast King Musiking », and home-use portable game machine « Game Gear Micro » Includes tracks. Through this album, you can relive the history of Sega’s music in chronological order.

In addition, the included Sega company guide style booklet includes « corporate history » and « corporate identity », as well as commemorative comments by Master Hiro and Kensaku Nishimura, and commentary comments by Yosuke Okunari, which is a must-have for SEGA fans. It can be said that it is a permanent preservation version item of.

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