G.I. Joe
Conquest of Cobra Mountain playset

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Shipwreck has infiltrated Cobra headquarters disguised as Cobra Commander, determined to bring back the stolen Night Attack Copter. The rest of the G.I. Joe team attacks the base to regain the chopper and destroy the compound. With Cobra legions on the run, the G.I. Joe team tears down the enemy’s banner and raises the G.I. Joe flag over the smoldering, battle-scarred base. Freedom and justice are preserved once again.

Stage amazing freedom-fighting missions with the Cobra Mountain Playset, featuring missile-firing launchers, a collapsing tower and « exploding » panels. Also includes accessories to disguise Shipwreck as Cobra Commander. For use with 3-3/4-inch G.I. Joe figures.

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Conquest of Cobra Mountain playset”

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