Dragon Ball
Bulma’s Hoi-Poi Capsule No.9 Bike

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  • 1/6 Animation Statue
  • Materials: Polystone, PVC, ABS
  • Size: approx. H330mm, L370mm, W370mm
  • Limited availability
  • Actual product may differ from photos.

A legend, a standard for all shonen manga, and a global media franchise, « Dragon Ball » (by Akira Toriyama).

At the beginning chapter of the manufacturer’s « Dragon Ball » journey, they have decided to recreate the Hoi Poi Capsule No. 9, the bike that Bulma and Goku used together, as a part of their « LEGEND ANIME » series.

To rearrange the scene from « Dragon Ball » in more detail, Blitzway creators needed some time to take a deep dive into their memories.

You can even sense the blazing speed of the bike from both Bulma’s facial expression, who seems relaxed while remaining in control of the bike, and Goku’s, who seems surprised and frightened by his first experience on the bike.

The base of the figure resembles the Dragon Radar, which was used by Bulma to find the Dragon Balls, and they even added some LEDs to the lamps of the bike and the Dragon ballpoints of Dragon radar.

This product is intended to be used as tableware and includes a single ballpoint pen, which can be attached to the base and used as a switch for the LED lamps when not in use.

With the sentimental memories, creators wanted to show their respect with this product and pay tribute to « Dragon Ball », a legendary piece of work.

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Dragon Ball


5Pro Studio, Blitzway


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Bulma’s Hoi-Poi Capsule No.9 Bike”

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