Frost Light Arche-Ymirus Type-03 Transformable

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Welcome to the world of Archecore- Saga of Ymirus! This 1:35 scale universe comes to life with its line of highly detailed figures and vehicles.

The Archecore Frost Light Arche-Ymirus Type-03 Transformable 1:35 Scale Action Figure features more than 30 points of articulation, is made of PVC/ABS, and stands roughly 9-inches tall. The Frost Light has the ability to convert between giant robot mode and vehicle mode and can be combined with other Archecore figures to create a larger FA Berserker figure. Not only that, but it is fully compatible with other 1:35 scale Archecore – Saga of Ymirus items.

The Archecore Frost Light Arche-Ymirus Type-03 Transformable 1:35 Scale Action Figure includes:
Frost Hammer
Frost Shield
2x Combat knives

The Arche-Ymirus Type-03 is from the Arche Ymirus Resurrection Project which currently put it into combat use. When activated, its body will emit a crystal likes blue light, hence the codename « Frost Light ». First discovered in a hibernation state, the Lodbrok family analyzed and found out that the giant’s body is made out of special highly stretchable, giving it the ability to transform. In humanoid mode, it can be remotely controled through Ørn Lodbrok’s special mental powers, and act according to Ørn’s consciousness. The self-consciousness of Arche-Ymirus is closed when in vehicle mode and the control method is the same as other vehicles. The appearance is modified based on the GAZ-96 military transport vehicle, which can be used for personnel carrying, assault missions, and machine transportation.

Additional figures, vehicles, and accessories pictured not included.

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