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“It’s main event time!”
Sideshow is proud to present the first installment of the Marvel Studios Fine Art Print Collection, the Thor: Ragnarok Fine Art Print by Marvel Studios Visual Development Supervisor, Andy Park.
The collection features official concept art and keyframes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, created by celebrated artists who are responsible for designing the entire look and feel of Marvel’s immensely successful films.
The Thor: Ragnarok Fine Art Print captures an action-packed scene from the film of the same name, pitting the mighty Thor against the Incredible Hulk in an intense moment of intergalactic gladiatorial combat. As Visual Development Supervisor, Andy Park painted keyframe artwork, which served to illustrate pivotal story moments and to help visualize what the finished film could look like during pre-visualization and development stages.  This is one of those iconic keyframe moments!
Andy Park explained, “In this illustration, I wanted to capture this iconic battle in a way that shows off each character in the strongest way. It doesn’t spell out who actually has the advantage. It’s the moment right before the clash. This is the battle between the two strongest Avengers. Who will win?
Each Thor: Ragnarok Fine Art Print by Andy Park will be hand signed by the artist as part of a limited edition of 400 pieces. This slice of Marvel Cinematic history is a must-have for fans of Thor, God of Thunder!

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