Star Trek Picard
Danj & Soji Omega Necklace

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RockLove’s designer, CEO, and life-long Star Trek fan, Allison Cimino, was invited (and honored!) to work with Jeffrey Lombardi, the Prop Master of Star Trek: Picard. Created from Jeffrey’s original designs, she translated the renders into physical jewelry items worn by the actors in Season 1.

RockLove’s Star Trek: Picard jewelry utilize the exact same sculpts as those made for the show.

Sculpted in solid sterling silver, as seen on Dahj & Soji in CBS’s new series Star Trek: Picard. The pendant features two interlocking circles that slide along a sterling silver omega necklace. A futuristic chain of rounded and joined plates, the omega holds a rigid circle shape and is meant to lay high at the collar bone. The closure is a near-invisible friction-style tube clasp that enhances the illusion of seamlessness.

Tube Clasp: In addition to making a seamless clasp, the curved tube keeps the necklace closed with tension. If your clasp is feeling loose, just bend (with your fingers) both the wire and tube ends more curved and they will fit more securely. Sterling silver is malleable, you won’t hurt the Omega at all.

Every Star Trek X RockLove piece arrives in a signature Star Trek X RockLove Jewelry Box, black and silver metallic with vibrant blue galaxy print inside.

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Danj & Soji Omega Necklace”

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