Star Trek Discovery
Interactive Phaser Pistol Prop Replica

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Are your ready to join Starfleet’s next mission? Get your gear with this Star Trek Discovery Interactive Phaser Pistol Prop Replica. This replica accessory was created using reference taken from the original screen-used production assets, and produced in the exacting manner that the screen-used pieces were for production. This fully-finished interactive replica was resin cast with 3D print construction, just like the actual hero production pieces.

Features include:

  • « Stun » and « Kill » settings selected by side switch on both left and right side, with lit « ring » indicator light at top. (« Stun » is blue; « Kill » is red.)
  • Removable « P1 » / cricket phaser from top, with spring-loaded pop-up scope.
  • Removable magnetic battery « clip » with lit indicator light goes into pistol handle, as per original asset.
  • Replaceable consumer batteries — no need to worry about shelf-life for unserviceable, custom-made rechargeable batteries.
  • Rotating barrel.
  • Display stand.
  • Certificate of authenticity included.

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Interactive Phaser Pistol Prop Replica”

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