Space Slug Desk Organizer

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Regal Robot’s latest sculptural creation gives fans another great way to bring the magic of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back into their lives. This piece comes fully painted and ready to hold your pens, pencils, pins, paperclips, brushes and more in both the asteroid crater and inside the mouth of the exogorth space slug!

We created this unique desk organizer using a detailed scan of the original prop puppet used in the film. We digitally posed the slug and created its asteroid home, making a crater beside it to hold small things like loose change or safety pins. Each solid resin desk organizer is made in the U.S.A. and hand painted.

Top the included black pencil with the resin Millennium Falcon™ pencil topper and place it in the slug’s mouth…  Han Solo™ once again makes a daring escape from the jaws of a giant space beast!

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