Space 1999
DIE CAST Eagle Set 2: The Immunity Syndrome

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LIMITED EDITION SET 2: THE IMMUNITY SYNDROME YEAR 2 – EPISODE 23: Piloted by Doctor Helena Russell and Maya, the RE-ENTRY GLIDER is used to transport them with urgent medical assistance to the surface of an alien planet where a poisonous corrosive atmosphere has trapped Commander John Koenig and his team. These iconic scenes are recreated in this STUNNING LIMITED EDITION set featuring: EAGLE TRANSPORTER WITH PASSENGER POD RE-ENTRY GLIDER WITH EAGLE TRANSPORTER HARNESS LAUNCH PLATFORM BASE ALPHA MOON BUGGY MACHINE TURNED AND HAND FINISHED ALUMINIUM ENGINE BELLS LIMITED TO ONLY 1000 WORLDWIDE EACH EDITION INDIVIDUALLY NUMBERED.

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Space 1999


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DIE CAST Eagle Set 2: The Immunity Syndrome”

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