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Sideshow and PureArts are pleased to announce the Mitsurugi 1:8 Scale PVC Statue from Soulcalibur VI Season 2. Part of the Soul Charge line of statues, Mitsurugi stands approximately 13 inches tall and is carefully sculpted in PVC.

Heishiro Mitsurugi is one of the most iconic characters in the SoulCalibur series, known for his strength and honor, he keeps on searching for the strongest warrior in history.

The warrior, Mitsurugi is a true swordsman. His first weapon on the series is the legendary Korefuji used on his first quest for Soul Edge.

This 1/8 scale PVC statue is a radiant version of Mitsurugi striking the air with his sword with all of his strength. Don’t miss your chance to add this Bandai Namco statue to your collection!

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