Robotech Macross VF-1J 1:6 Scale Cockpit Diorama Digital Sound System

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  • 1/6 Scale
  • Material: ABS, PVC
  • Product Size: approx. 900mm x 335mm x 500mm
  • Limited availability
  • Prototype shown and pending final approval, final product may differ.

« A true renaissance of animation art »

Kids Logic proudly presents the company 10th anniversary product, the first of their diorama series – Robotech Valkyrie VF-1J 1:6 Cockpit Diorama Digital Sound System.

VF-1J was developed for the U.N. Spacy by using alien Overtechnology obtained from the SDF-1 Macross alien spaceship, it is made for junior officers, Rick Hunter’s first white Veritech.

The diorama contains 30+ LED computer controlled lights in order to achieve the effect of fading illumination.

The 3.1 (1 x main speaker, 2 x surround speakers and 1 x bass sub-woofer) digital surround sound and the 2.2″ LCD monitor inside the cockpit are also the highlights.

The pack includes a special made metallic certificate with production number engraved that the number is matching with the one on the product, one Rick Hunter’s statue and one action figure with extra accessories like transformable helmet, arms and heads.

– 2.2” LCD display (320 x 240)
– 3.1 digital surround sound system – 3 x 2.0” full range drivers, 1 x 4” subwoofer.
– Bluetooth & MicroSD slot for media playback.
– 2 layers of removable armours.
– 30+ LED lights.

1 x Ricky Hunter 1:6 statue (with 2 x exchangeable head and arms)
1 x Ricky Hunter 1:6 action figure (with 1 x transformable helmet, 2 x exchangeable heads and 2 pairs of palms)
1 x metallic memorable certificate of authenticity.
1 x transformer.

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