Rebuild of Evangelion
Vertical Take-Off & Landing Aircraft for Nerv Commander

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  • 1/100 Scale Plastic Model Kit
  • Material: PS
  • Full length: approx. 190mm
  • Sculptor: Masaru Ashizawa
  • Limited availability
  • Actual product may differ from photos.

From the « Rebuild of Evangelion », the long-awaited commercialization of « Nerv Commander’s vertical take-off and landing aircraft for transporting key personnel!

At the request of fans, the vertical take-off and landing aircraft dedicated to Commander Nerv for transporting VIPs, finally appearing in the Evangelion New Theatrical Version, is finally three-dimensionalized with a 1/100 scale plastic kit!

The characteristic rugged form is precisely reproduced based on the setting materials. The rivet mold on the exterior of the main body is reproduced in detail, and the markings such as the « NERV » logo mark applied to various places are reproduced firmly with the attached decal. In addition, a « dedicated base » that can be displayed in « flight status » is included. The main wing can be moved as set, so you can select and display the « flight state / landing state ».

The unique silhouette of the VTOL aircraft (vertical take-off and landing aircraft) is a gem that not only makes the core Evangelion fans, but also the aircraft fans.

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Vertical Take-Off & Landing Aircraft for Nerv Commander”

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