One Small Step Apollo 11 Moon Boot Print Replica

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Commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing! « One Small Step » is a life-size replica of the imprint left by astronauts’ boots in the fine, powdery lunar soil. Using a process called photogrammetry, artist Whitney Potter combined modern computer technology with close-up photos taken on the moon, to produce an extraordinary 3D rendering of the lunar surface. From this, artist Jeff Stanislawski rendered a printable 3D form that captured every nuance of texture and detail.

Each replica is hand-cast and hand-finished by artisans from super-strong, Smooth-On resin Measuring approximately 17-inches long x 11-inches wide x 2-inches tall, « One Small Step » is an impressive display piece for your wall or table. The boot print itself is captured at « life size » (over 13-inches long). Hanging fixtures are molded into the back for wall mounting.

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