Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
Mēve & Nausicaä

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  • Pre-Painted Action Figure
  • Material: ABS, PETG, PVC
  • Size: approx. 257mm (Mēve total width), aapprox. 67mm (Nausicaä total length)
  • Limited availability
  • Actual product may differ from photos.
This is the sixth of the « Souzou Galleria » series that reproduces the unique world view of Ghibli works with elaborate desktop models and is a product with the motif of « Mēve » from « Nausicaäof the Valley of the Wind ». A complete reproduction of « Mēve », the flight device used by the protagonist Nausicaä. In addition to the light emission of the engine part (blue LED built-in) expressed in the play, the flap is also movable, and the landing/rise scene can be reproduced. In addition, the deployment gimmick of the wing is carried as a toy original setting. Of course, Nausicaäwho is a protagonist is attached. While the total length is about 67 mm, full action is possible, and you can reproduce various scenes during the play by using attached parts such as long guns, scissors, and canes.

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Mēve & Nausicaä”