Lifeclock One Snake Edition
Smartwatch Escape from New York Prop Replica

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Snake Plissken… I heard you were dead

Closest to the film, the Snake Edition is a beautifully crafted reboot of the countdown timer worn by Snake Plissken. It has been designed to match the film prop as closely as possible, but with added functionality, comfort, durability, and styling that you’ll enjoy wearing everyday.

The Lifeclock one features a countdown, 22:59’:59” (Hartford Summit configuration only), standard and military time options, the ability to program up to 8 world clocks, display the date in 1 of 5 formats, stopwatch, 18 display animations and 8 character animations.

With the app you can access the smartphone camera shutter release, push notifications of incoming and missed calls, voicemails, SMS & iMessage, app notifications (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more to come).

The activity monitor tracks steps independent of your smartphone. A customizable daily alarm is also included.

The Lifeclock One features a machined brass case with stainless steel back and brown leather Velcro® strap with brass accents.

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Smartwatch Escape from New York Prop Replica”