Hua Mulan (Deluxe Edition)

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Burning Soul with a Dragon Slaying Blade! Introducing Hua Mulan, leading lady from Honor of Kings.

The Crystal Dragon Hunter skin is chosen for the design & production of this figure. This figure presents Hua Mulan in her armor, standing on the top of the mountain, her silver hair flowing, with a fine sword on the shoulder of this magnificent heroine. A combination of substantial transparent resin material and painting techniques recreates the dazzling crystal elements of the game skin, bringing collectors the ultimate visual experience.

The Deluxe Edition base highlights the Crystal Dragon Hunter theme: Wings spread, claws out and growling, the coiled dragon winds around in the mountains. Hua Mulan stands on the peak, on the verge of a dragon hunting fight!

DAMTOYS All-New Series! Begin your noble journey – select Hua Mulan.

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