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  • The smart, nerdy team of Ghostbusters would be in big trouble without their electronic gizmos for finding, capturing and holding ghosts, ghouls and other unfriendly spirits. This poster highlights the technology that made these parapsychologists-turned-paranormal investigators into heroes! The Ghostbusters Tech Poster Set by graphic designer Christian Petersen includes 4 excellent posters: Ecto-1 Lab.
  • The legendary limo-style Cadillac built by Miller-Meteor – an ambulance-hearse combination – is the transportation of choice for the Ghostbusters. See it displayed in its tricked-out glory.
  • Proton Pack. The Proton Pack is a particle accelerator that generates a charged particle beam that enables the Ghostbusters to apprehend negatively charged ectoplasmic entities. P.K.E. Meter. This handheld Psycho-Kinetic Energy Meter measures metaphysical vibes and is used to detect the presence of ghosts.
  • Ghost Trap. When used with the Proton Pack, this handy sealed container permits the transport of ghosts after they’ve been snagged by a proton beam. Each posters measures 18-inches wide by 24-inches high.
  • 100-lb, satin-finish paper. Ages 12 and up.


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