Ghost of Tsushima
Jin Sakai Ghost Armor

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  • « I am not your son. I am the Ghost. »
  • Breathtaking 1:4 scale statue of Samurai Jin Sakai!
  • From the stealth-action video game Ghost of Tsushima.
  • Lord Sakai stands 23-inches tall on an awe-inspiring Tsushima base!

Out of the beautiful open-world stealth-action video game Ghost of Tsushima, comes this breathtaking addition to the Ultimate Premium Masterline series from Prime 1 Studio. The Ghost of Tsushima Jin Sakai Ghost Armor Regular Edition 1:4 Scale Statue is made mostly of polystone. Lord Sakai stands 23-inches tall upon an awe-inspiring windy Tsushima atmosphere featuring many elements from the video game to fully bring the feeling of 13th century Japan to your collection. The Ginkgo tree leaves move elegantly in the wind as Jin stands at an Inari Shrine with his friendly Golden Bird and Fox companions. He wears the Executioner’s Penance armor and holds the Sakai Katana in a pose that would strike fear in any Mongolian invader. A true phenomenal masterpiece, this statue will be your favorite for years to come!

Jin Sakai is the main protagonist of Ghost of Tsushima. Plagued by tragedy and the Khotun Khan invasion of his homeland, Tsushima Island, in 1274, Jin is a stoic Samurai who has learned to control his emotions. He’s a Master of the Art of the Samurai, as well as the mysterious « Ghost » tactics that he must use in order to defeat the Mongolian army.

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Ghost of Tsushima


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Jin Sakai Ghost Armor”

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