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I got just two words for you, bub.”

Heads up! Sideshow presents the Fastball Special! Fine Art Print by artist Paolo Rivera.

When it comes to superhero tag-teams, nothing can beat this mutant maneuver! The Fastball Special! Fine Art Print captures all the intensity and excitement of this iconic battle tactic, as first seen in the pages of X-Men comics. Standing in the wreckage of a Sentinel battle, Colossus hurls Wolverine headfirst into whatever unfortunate foe tries to take on these mutant heroes next. This dynamic illustration is bursting with action, as Wolverine practically tears his way out of the image and into the fray.

Each Fastball Special! Fine Art Print is hand-signed by the artist as a part of the limited edition of 300 pieces. Time to team up with the X-Men and add the Fastball Special! Fine Art Print by Paolo Rivera to your Marvel artwork collection today!

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