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The second in our series of iconic Fallout vehicles – the Pick-R-Up

The Pick-R-Up launches in standard cherry red and special, Limited Edition Red Rocket service vehicle (400 pieces worldwide), in metallic yellow to match the Limited Edition Racing Flea.

The perfect complement to our Fusion Flea

Fans are loving the idea of a collection of dazzlingly iconic Fallout diecast vehicles; the Pick-R-Up, Fallout’s imposing single-seater utility vehicle, adds to the range.

The richly lacquered metallic cherry red coachwork of the standard Pick-R-Up matches the paint finish of the in-game pre-war Pick-R-Up and that of our latest Custom Candy Fusion Flea, while perfectly complementing the metallic blue of the standard Fusion Flea.

Highly detailed, beautifully finished

The truck’s high-quality finish is detailed with chromium plated light cowls, door trim and mirrors, silk finish silver foot plates and fine coach lines, bringing this fantasy vehicle to life in an extraordinary way. The all-metal die-cast body gives the Pick-R-Up some real heft – weighing in at over 1 kg (2lb 6 oz) – the Pick-R-Up feels like it means business.

An in-universe presentation that gives the fans what they really want to bring their cherished fantasy to life with realism and detail.

Presented as a giveaway for loyal Chryslus employees who have completed five years’ service, the Pick-R-Up comes with a themed card manual, a commemorative, vintage-style postcard and a 5 Years Service metal pin that fits with and complements the Fusion Flea’s 2 Years Service pin, starting the collector on their way to having a set of four matching pins (two will come from future vehicles for 10 and 20 years service).

The Pick-R-Up’s opening doors, hood and tailgate, together with the design of the cabin and the attention to detail of the floorpan layout, reveal elements of the original Pick-R-Up’s unique engineering that fans will love to discover. Opening the hood reveals a realistic and muscular-looking V8 diesel-fusion engine, complete with chrome-plated exhaust manifold and authentic-looking nuclear glow, simulating the engine coolant’s bright blue Cherenkov radiation. Just like the Fusion Flea, the Pick-R-Up’s glow-in-the-dark green nuclear core is removable and glows green when ‘charged’ with a bright light, adding the final Easter egg touch to this gorgeous collectible.

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