Dragon Quest XI Official Art Works

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The only collection of setting materials that consolidates the world of Rotozetasia.

In order to express the world of Rotozetasia, it contains a variety of setting images drawn by the art staff.
・ Scenes of different towns and dungeons by region.
・ Strong enemies who stood up with people they met in various places.
・ Items that support adventure and items that color Rotozetasia.

The supreme book that makes you feel the world of « Dragon Quest XI ».

Enclosed bonus: Super / Gangan Adventure Set [Super / Life-only x1, Super / Mystery-only x1, Skills x5].
An assortment of useful items for adventures in Rotozetasia!

[Super / Life-only x 1] Item that increases “Max HP” by 20
[Super / Mysterious only x 1] Item that increases “Max MP” by 20
[Skill Seeds x 5] Item with « skill points » increased by 1

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