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Holy weaponry! Look what she’s got in her paws!”

Stick ‘em up! Sideshow presents the Catguns Fine Art Print by acclaimed pin-up artist Olivia De Berardinis.

This stunning portrait of actress Julie Newmar from the 1960’s Batman TV series captures Catwoman’s classic style as she takes aim at the wily caped crusader. Inspired by the episode « Hot Off the Griddle, » the crafty cat burglar is rendered in incredible detail and looks pawsitively fierce in her iconic costume, holding golden pistols loaded with non-lethal tranquilizer darts dipped in « Catatonic ». A pop of purrrple against a black background makes this feline femme fatale stand out so you absolutely can’t miss Catwoman as she crosses your path.

Each Catguns Fine Art Print is faithfully reproduced from Olivia’s detailed original acrylic-on-wood painting, available to fans in a fine art collectible format exclusively through Sideshow’s Art Print program. Each print in the limited edition of 250 pieces is hand-signed by the artist, as well as hand-numbered along with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Enough kitten around- bring home the Catguns Fine Art Print by Olivia De Berardinis today!

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