Borderlands 3
Maliwan Pistol Replica Weapon

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  • 1: 1 life-size Prop replica of a rare Edition of the maliwan Pistol from Borderlands 3
  • Functioning switches and rotating ammo cartridge to simulate actual use (rotates faster as you hold the trigger)
  • Light and sound effects that can be seen and heard from the actual maliwan Pistol during gameplay (requires 3 AA batteries, batteries not included)
  • Control the brightness of the lights and volume of the sounds with the turn of a dial, and choose from 5 different LED light Color settings
  • Officially Licensed by 2K and Gearbox

To stop the Calypso twins from taking over the vaults beyond the planet Pandora you’re going to need a lot of weapons, or at least One that packs an elemental punch. Enter One of the rarest and most powerful ones you can find in the game: The special Edition maliwan Pistol. Take this finely crafted weapon, from Borderlands 3, into the real world with the new 1: 1 life-size prop replica maliwan Pistol. Mayhem is here, and it’s time to arm yourself. The replica maliwan Pistol features functioning switches and a rotating ammo cartridge that increases in speed as you hold down the trigger to simulate actual use. It also includes lights and sound effects that can be seen and heard from the Pistol during gameplay. You can control the brightness of the lights and volume of the sound with the turn of a dial, as well as choosing from five different LED light color settings at the press of a button. This limited Edition 1: 1 life-size replica maliwan Pistol is a must-have for Borderlands fans and players alike!

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Maliwan Pistol Replica Weapon”

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