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The Black Panther lives.”

Long live the king! Sideshow is proud to present the next addition to the Marvel Studios Fine Art Print Collection, the Black Panther Fine Art Print by Marvel Studios Head of Visual Development, Ryan Meinerding.

The collection features official concept art and keyframes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, created by celebrated artists who are responsible for designing the entire look and feel of Marvel’s immensely successful films.

The Black Panther Fine Art Print by Ryan Meinerding captures the majesty and energy of Black Panther, the sworn protector of Wakanda. Set against the futuristic Wakandan skyline, this character piece features the king T’Challa alongside his heroic Black Panther persona, highlighted in regal shades of purple. His elite bodyguards, Okoye and Nakia of the Dora Milaje, hold their weapons high while the villainous Erik Killmonger silently menaces from the foreground.

As Marvel Studios Head of Visual Development, Ryan Meinerding explains, “Having our concept art celebrated in such a dramatic format is a rare treat that gives fans a chance to see Visual Development’s influence on some of their favorite characters and moments. It’s always amazing when our concept art is released into the world, and even more so now that fans can own it themselves!

Each Black Panther Fine Art Print by Ryan Meinerding will be hand-signed by the artist as a part of this limited edition of 250 pieces. This piece of Marvel Cinematic Universe history is a must-have for fans of Black Panther!

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