Big Trouble in Little China
Jack Burton Q-Fig Elite

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Rough-and-ready truck driver Jack Burton talks a big game, but is he ready for the big trouble he is about to encounter? Inspired by the John Carpenter film, Big Trouble in Little China, the Jack Burton Q-Fig Elite presents the antihero just as he bursts into Lo Pan’s headquarters to interrupt the mystic’s wedding and foil his evil plans. Dressed in his iconic tank top, jeans and combat boots, Jack is armed only with a throwing knife to fight Lo Pan and the Three Storms. No problem, right? The Jack Burton Q-Fig Elite stands 5-inches tall from the display base to the top of the imposing skull diorama that serves as the portal into Lo Pan’s den.

When he’s driving the Porkchop Express, he’s the king of the road. But he’s just entered a fantastical world he didn’t even know existed, battling magical warriors and powerful sorcerers on the streets of Chinatown. All he wants is his truck back. All he’s got is a throwing knife and a swagger that would make The Duke proud.

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Big Trouble in Little China


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Jack Burton Q-Fig Elite”

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