Astronaut Apollo 11 LM-5 A7L ver. The Real 1:4 Scale Statue

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« The Eagle has landed ».

In August 1969, there was a historic moment that more than half a billion people worldwide watched on their televisions, Blitzway strived to turn this unforgettable moment into a vivid piece of art. The first moon landing by Apollo 11 and the first footstep ever imprinted on the surface of the moon. Blitzway introduces the Astronaut statue that captures that exact moment. As it was the project to reproduce the historical moment, Blitzway did a lot of research and information gathering to present the elaborate space suit and equipment. The astronaut’s posture and the safety belt, connected to the ladder, make the astronaut seems to be standing on the moon and the realistic props used for the lunar mission add realism to this statue. The supporting structure rising over the helmet can make people imagine the scale of the lunar module. The designed base reconstructed from the motifs of the spaceship shows respect for this great achievement. The Astronaut Apollo 11 LM-5 A7L ver. The Real 1:4 Scale Statue features precise and highly detailed equipment. The highly detailed likeness of the astronaut in an A7L space suit is a perfectly tailored and designed outfit. Measures about 31-inches tall x 22 2/5-inches wide x 17 7/10-inches long.

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