Aliens Burning Armored Personnel Carrier

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  • This is what awaits you on LV-426.
  • Exclusive 16-inch long M577 Armored Personnel Carrier!
  • Features film-accurate paint deco and removable flames.
  • Holds up to 14 1:18-scale figures!

This Aliens Burning Armored Personnel Carrier 1:18 Scale Vehicle – Previews Exclusive measures approximately 16-inches long and holds up to 14 1:18-scale figures (not included). It adds a film-accurate paint deco and removable flames to any recreation of a Colonial Marine assault you come up with and is essential to any Alien/Aliens collection. Don’t miss it!

The M577 Armored Personnel Carrier is a key part of the USCM’s tactical response. Lightweight, yet heavily armed, the M577 delivers an entire squad of Colonial Marines anywhere it’s dropped.

A lone survivor, floating through space. A distress call from a distant colony. A group of battle-hardened marines, full of confidence and loaded for bear. Yet no one could be prepared for what awaits them on LV-426. This time, it’s war!

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